Friday, July 30, 2010

Rock and Roll!

An organization called Worship and Word has scheduled a Christian Rock concert, dubbed Heaven Fest, at a town in Colorado near where I live. An estimated 50,000 people are expected to attend. Seven stages are set up, and bands include Casting Crowns and the Sacred Assembly.

Steve Chavis, spokesman for Heaven Fest, said this festival is meant to inspire and spark a new generation with passion for the poor around the world.

While some traditional churches have incorporated contemporary music into their services, the vast majority
do not grasp the extraordinary power of new music and its message in reaching younger generations. As the old saying goes, diverse music in many churches ranges from the major works of Bach to the minor works of Bach.

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  1. I'd be far less critical of this group if their meeting ground had not trampled a farmer's land and if it had not been near sensitive wildlife habitat.

    It also bothered me considerably that, for the most part, the organization has not been willing to put on the project the actual names -- not simply the organization -- behind it.

    In the aftermath, I see some changes to the wildlife situation. I observe it daily, in likely contrast to the city fathers who deem the project a success.

    Transparency is not this organization's hallmark, but they are willing to deliver sweeping generalizations about this area being "spiritually day". Between their arrogance and their insensitivity to the area's habitat for wildlife that has only recently been delisted, I'm not impressed.

    And I'm not sure why you would be. You know this area; you know that there are venues suited to groups this size: Coors, Invesco, Folsom. This isn't the right place; the season when wild birds are still hatching and rearing their young certainly isn't the right time.