Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why I stopped going to baseball games...

Every time I went, they asked me for money. The people in the stands didn't seem very friendly. The umpire made some decisions with which I disagreed. Some games went into extra innings, and I was late getting home. They played on weekends, when I rest.

The seats were uncomfortable. The organist played tunes I didn't like. My parents made me go to games when I was a child. I read a book about baseball and know as much as the managers. I shouldn't take my children; when they grow up, they can decide for themselves if they like the sport.

Rev. David Blanchard, in his church newsletter column.


  1. Oh, Come on Mr. Durall. Don't you like paying 5 dollars for a hot dog and 10 dollars for a beer? That's how much I have to pay when going to see my beloved Blue Jays!

  2. Since I lived in the Boston area for many years, all I can say is, "Go Sox!"
    My only beef about baseball parks these days is the loud music and incessant promotions and announcements. The Jays will fold over the long haul, alas.

  3. Well, it took me two readings, but I realized that he's talking about church on Sunday morning!

  4. I totally agree with both baseball (the most boring sport in the world, cricket aside) and church-going. Being spiritual is not about sitting comfortably in a church on sunday mornings.