Monday, June 14, 2010

Home grown...

The emergence of ministers from within their own congregations will increase. Rather than seek seminary-trained leaders, more and more churches are calling committed laypersons from within their own ranks to fill ministry positions.

If additional education and training is needed, the congregation arranges for it. The person's connection and commitment to the congregation is more highly valued than education and experience.

Prediction from Thom Ranier, president of LifeWay Christian Resources


  1. What opportunities are lost when systems inhibiting "home grown" ministry talent? This is a great question for religious leaders to have. In Unitarian Universalist congregations I think the lack of focus on raising up leaders from within is in part responsible for the dismal state of our ministry with youth and overall lack of growth.

    If the "rule book" says that ministers have to be brought in from outside of the faith community, and our rule book does, then its no surprise that we fail to recognize and cultivate the potential right before us. Of course, its hard to do this when the average tenure of a minister in a given congregation is so short these days...

  2. What is the average tenure? I have heard a few numbers but wonder if there is a specific one.