Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The quiet church?

"More than ever, we need voices of reason and deep spirituality. The voices of intolerance and hatred are too loud."

United Church of Christ president Geoffrey Black

My observation: churches on the progressive end of the theological spectrum rarely take stands on issues of the day. The reason is often to preserve congregational harmony. But I wonder if this relegates those needed voices of reason to the sidelines, as spectators, while others are on the playing field where the action is.


  1. The problem with commending "the voices of reason and deep spirituality" is that these categories are so subjective. I assure you that the Billy Graham people at The Cove in Black Mountain, North Carolina and the teachers of Bible at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina believe that theirs are voices of reason and deep spirituality.

  2. Maybe because "Progressive" Churches not as progressive as you think? Witness the failure at UUA to pass the AIW on Afghanistan.....

  3. PS As a guy who grows more conservative by the day, I'm always struck by how many people having been silent approach me in agreement. The conservatives just don't speak out as much (safe me maybe) so sometimes it may sound more progressive than things really are. The AfPak AIW was one of those moments.

  4. God help us if taking action requires us to take a stand. The voices of humility, moderation, and reconciliation may not be the loudest, especially these days, but they are the ones that ultimately bring peace to a troubled world.