Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayers on the gridiron...

I attended a National Football League game recently, and following the game saw a group of 30-35 players, from both teams, kneeling in a large circle mid-field. I had never seen this before, and a friend said that team prayers in the NFL were quite common.

Generally, I don't consider bulked-up athletes as religious. But maybe I'm wrong on this one.


  1. Yes, you are. The NFL is more devout than the nation at large, and many retired players run ministries of all kinds.

  2. That certainly jives with my experience, Joel. In a church I served in the early nineties, one of the most faithful and effective board members was a former NFL player.

  3. A reader comments, "Public prayer is not necessarily a reflection of devotion. Didn't Jesus direct devoted followers to pray in their closets?
    Perhaps the locker room would be a more appropriate place for post-game prayers.