Thursday, January 27, 2011

A surprising new church...

A new church has started in Colorado Springs, dedicated to helping people in the depths of their crises. The pastor of this church is Ted Haggard, disgraced minister of the New Life mega-church he founded some years ago. His new church has about 300 members.

The vast majority of churches in North America have far fewer than 300 members. Are ministers who are untainted by scandal incapable of creating congregations of 300 members? Even 300 members is a relatively small church.

To me, this is a clarion call for pastors and lay leaders of good faith to review their role and purpose in this place and time. There is so much loneliness and sadness in the world. Shouldn't the church have a powerful message to draw them in?


  1. You know, call me crazy, but I find the notion of going to a church led by a minister "tainted by scandal" refreshing. You figure this person understands grace and the importance of the message that no one is unredeemable.

  2. A very interesting observation. In some newly formed churches, fallen souls often play a prominent role, those with histories of drug abuse and even jail time. The message is that if Jesus can save a wretch like me, there's hope for you, too.

    Hmm, this gets us back to the question whether church is a place for the saints, or for sinners.