Monday, December 6, 2010

Healthy churches..

I'm a fan of John Buchanan, a Presbyterian minister and editor of Christian Century magazine. He recently mentioned reading Jonathan Franzen's new novel, Freedom. He concluded that the characters in the novel don't have enough important things to do.

He writes, "I kept wishing they'd all pack up and go to church some Sunday morning and volunteer in a homeless shelter or sign up for a mission trip."

This reminds me of UCC minister Anthony Robinson often saying that too many churches function as though nothing important is at stake. So, kind readers, beyond Sunday mornings and various church programs, is there truly something important at stake going on in your church?

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  1. Good question. Franzen's novel was so depressingly accurate in its depiction of our current cultural ennui in America, I couldn't finish it. There it sits on my shelf, waiting for me to read the last fifty pages.