Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Commentary introduces the books of the Bible in three ways. A set of general articles in the introduction deals with matters that concern the entire Bible. A second series of articles introduces the parts of the Bible that show a similarity and have a relationship to each other.

Then there are the commentaries on the individual books. This plan enables readers with three approaches for study: to the Bible as a whole, to the major divisions of its literature, and to the particular books.

James L. Mays, Harper's Bible Commentary


  1. This post is a kind of "lead the horse to water" deal, as the Bible can appear inaccessible to many. Harper's Commentary is a fascinating glimpse into the culture of numerous eras over which the Bible was written and assembled. Perfect for the Biblical scholar and the Biblical illiterate alike.

  2. Got it. I don't disagree in the least. Thanks.