Friday, November 20, 2009

More souls in church..

In his book, 44 Ways to Increase Sunday Worship Attendance, Lyle Schaller says the top three ways are to increase the variety of speakers, change the music, and quicken the pace. Episcopal rites are unlikely to speed up, but most faiths are more flexible in liturgy. Professional musicians would be a sure draw. Paul Nixon, author of the book, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church, wrote that he'd often surprise church attendees on Sunday mornings with changes in worship format.


  1. Yep, our rites wouldn't be changing much, but the other things are ways we can do that. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mike, I just discovered your blog and appreciate your sharing the wisdom, and in a fashion that's quick and easy to read and digest

    Hope all is well. We still talk about the weekend you spent in Nashua -- and we are still giving away our Sunday collections.